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Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance Policy



                                                                   Corporate Governance


        The Board of Director of Ua Withya Public Company Limited realizes the importance of developing good corporate governance systems, operate business with integrity, morality, responsible for the performances, ability to complete and fair to all stakeholders in order to build prosperity, increase shareholders’ value adhere to the Principle of Good Corporate Governance for Listed Companies define by The Stock Exchange of Thailand and base on Sufficiency Economy is entails moderation, reasonableness and self-immunity system as underlying on knowledge, cautious and awareness to be used in planning and operating. As well as build Executives and every employees to have morals, honest, industrious, endure for people to shares and used their intelligences for operations and changes in Economy, Political, Culture and Social in order to meet the benefit well-balanced and sustainable by Board of Directors had adheres Principles of Good Corporate Governances and reconsidered of suitability every year which The Company see that Principles of Good Corporate Governance is appropriate to current situations.

         In accordance with Principles of Good Corporate Governances by The Stock Exchange of Thailand, the company classify into five practices as follows:

  1. Rights of Shareholders
  2. Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
  3. Role of Stakeholders
  4. Disclosure and Transparency
  5. Responsibilities of the Board

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